Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hey There...

My journalism lecturer informed my university class that as part of our course this year, we would have to set up our own personal blogs that he expected us to update on a regular basis. I asked him what exactly he wanted us to write about: “I want you to talk about you and your life” is the answer he gave me.

So here I am, on my laptop, staring at an empty blog, thinking ‘well this is awkward…’ You see, my life really isn’t interesting enough for people to actually want to read about. So I’ll apologize in advance if you happen to have stumbled across this blog in your World Wide Web wanderings, because I’m about to just talk about my pretty uneventful life as a teenage book geek.

Well since you’re here now, you might as well read a bit about me. I am a self-confessed book geek. I read. A lot. I have been writing reviews for books for over a year now, you can check them out if you want: (not that I’m shamelessly plugging my book blog or anything).

I’m currently in my second year of media at university, I love it and couldn’t see myself studying anything else. When I tell people that I’m studying media, they usually roll their eyes at me and say “the easy option huh?” But I’d love to see them try and do the assignments I have to do each term. Writing, filming, directing, casting and editing your own fifteen minute drama is no easy option, I’m telling you. As stressful as it might be, media has been the best thing for me.

In high school I was pathetically shy. I had every intention of going to an animal college to study animal care. But then I went to view the college and was informed that make-up and jewellery were an absolute no-no and that my days of hair dying were over. The college also wanted students to wear waterproof green or blue overalls each day. I knew I wasn’t right for the place the minute I walked past a field and saw a truck pulling competition. Yeah, really.

So then I went tumbling into media, went to uni, gained a personality and so far it’s been great. Well great-ish… I think. Who knows, I might be winning Oscars in years to come!

Here’s to hoping!


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