Things You Need To Know

I am 19. Really. I know I look a lot younger than I am, most people don’t even believe I’m in university. I thought glasses were supposed to make you look older and more mature? Mine make  me look 12. 

I live in England. Where it's cold. I hate the cold. I love where I live but, i'm sorry England, I will be moving to a warmer country as soon as I can. I'd actually like to have a summer. 

My room is like a library. I have books all over the place! They’re not text book or anything intelligent though, they’re fiction. Who doesn’t love a bit of paranormal romance or a dystopian world? Yes, I’m geeky, I know. 

I love my iPod more than anything else in the world. Except maybe my dog… Oh and family. Even though I mainly use the iPod to block out annoying younger sibling. 

I complain. A lot. I can be so grumpy sometimes. I use the fact that I’m a teenager as an excuse to be moody and lazy whenever I feel like it. My mother doesn’t fall for it though.